by the caseload. “The outpouring of support has truly touched my  heart. I can’t thank the Murphy’s Lore readers enough,”  Thomas told us. “There is one fan who even built a house  out of nothing but copies of Fool’s Day. And it’s not a  shack. Three bedrooms from what I hear. He’s hoping to  turn it into a tourist attraction like the world’s biggest ball  of twine. “ Is Thomas worried about fallout from the Potter  fans? “Not at all. There’s enough fans to go around. Fools’  Day is  just a fun book. It is just a few fringe groups that are  going over the top. Their attempt to ban Fools’ Day have  only boosted sales.” What about the people who now feel Fools’ Day is a  holy book in its own right and have started cults based on  the actions of the tricksters in the novel? “It’s utter  nonsense, but there are those who will argue with me. I’ve  only heard of five or six instances of cult worship. Three on islands in the South Pacific, one in a colony in the wilds of  Canada founded by librarians, and of course the one in  Bayone. I’m told it can be interesting visiting as their  rituals involve pulling pranks.” And how does Thomas react to the claims of  environmental groups who blame him for the hundreds of  square miles of rain forest that were made barren to get the  paper to print his books? “I am truly saddened by it but  have made contact with the loggers who have promised me  that they are planting three trees for every one they  chopped down.” Experts predict that the billion or so books needed to push it over the top will be purchased sometime today  4/1/11. To learn more about this phenomenon visit the  author’s homepage at  NEW YORK — The Harry Potter series has long  reigned supreme as one of  the best-selling series in  history, but its place on top  may be coming to an end  thanks to the sudden  popularity of a book by  author Patrick Thomas. Murphy’s Lore: Fools’ Day  was originally released  back in 2001 and enjoyed  some measure of success,  but recently that’s changed. The book chronicles the  tale of a group of tricksters  of legend at Bulfinche’s  Pub—including Hermes,  Pan, Wisp and the gremlin  Bubba Sue— as they race to stop a mystical nuclear  Armageddon. With sales skyrocketing, the book seems to  have struck a chord with many readers. And with the last  Harry Potter book released many fans of that world were  looking for the next great series, which many found in the  Murphy’s Lore books. We caught up with the author for an interview  recently. How is he coping with the sudden fame? “It hasn’t  changed me much,” says Patrick Thomas. “It is actually quite humbling.” Several Potter fans have called the idea that Fools’ Day  could outsell the series sacrilege and have called on fans to  buy multiple copies of Potter books. Not to be undone,  Thomas’ fans have done the same, many purchasing copies   MURPHY’S LORE BOOK FOOLS’ DAY POSITIONED TO OUTSELL HARRY POTTER Site of one of the many  cults that have sprung up  around the events in  Patrick Thomas’ novel  Fools’ Day Keeping You Informed Since 1698 DailyGammon REPOSTED  WITH PERMISSION 3 Fools’ Day by Patrick Thomas Like Patrick Thomas on Buy Fools’ Day from or